Maria and Dinos imagined creating a Vacation Accommodation project on their favorite Greek island, Paros, where hosts are warm and eager to spread the Greek hospitality and guests feel connected to the place, the summer spirit, and the people.


Mardiva incorporates the simplicity of the Greek summer into a framework that is both comfortable and luxurious. Our guests embrace the island’s traditions and culture, while focusing on the essence of summer break and relaxation.



The concept of Mardiva was brought to life through the newly built construction of two different kinds of lodging, namely the Farmhouse and the Neighborhood, while a future luxurious resort is currently under construction.

OUR philosophy

At the farmhouse, you can relax in privacy and style amongst the vineyards and verdant gardens that span the property’s 14-acre size. Neighborhood offer a tranquil and comfortable lifestyle on the island’s chic urban side of Paros, Naoussa, while the Resort will offer an all-inclusive leisure experience with easy access to a wide variety of facilities.